Woensdag/Wednesday 12 september 2018



Donderdag/Thursday 13 september 2018

Grand Prix
Prix Saint Georges
Juniors team test
Young riders team test


Vrijdag/Friday 14 september 2018

Pony’s team test
Inter I
Grand Prix Spécial
U25 Grand Prix


Zaterdag/Saterday 15 september 2018

Pony’s individuele test
Juniors individuele test
Grand Prix freestyle
U25 freestyle
Young riders individuele test


Zondag/Sunday 16 september 2018

Pony’s freestyle
Juniors freestyle
Young riders freestyle
Inter freestyle



International top CDI 3*** Waregem!

10/09/2018 -


timing vet check 12 september 2018




13u30 CDI 3*
15u30 Young riders
15u45 U25
16u00 juniors
16u30 pony’s


Masterlists 2018



Looking back on Dressuur Waregem 2017

10/04/2018 -



Dressuur Waregem attracts top riders!

28/08/2017 -


We already had Jorinde Verwimp, our Belgian Olympic rider. Now has the Japanese Olympic rider, Akane Kuroki, confirmed her presence at Dressuur Waregem. Both Verwimp and Kuroki went to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016! It will be a very international event, as we have confirmation from riders from Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Portugal, Taiwan, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Denmark, ....


Tribuna Lusitana TV

23/08/2017 -


The Spanish media channel Tribuna Lusitana TV is coming with the Spanish rider Alejandro Asencio to Dressuur Waregem.


It will be a very international event!

14/08/2017 -


Our Belgian Olympic Dressage rider, Jorinde Verwimp, will attend Dressuur Waregem. Other nations will be present too, such as the Netherlands, Japan, Great-Britain, Portugal, Finland, Thailand, Greece and Czech Republic.


A new project has been launched in Waregem, Dressuur Waregem.

24/07/2017 -


This international CDI 3*, CDI U25, Pony's, Juniors, Young Riders will put Belgium on the international map of dressage. This event will take place from September the 14th 'till September the 17th at an Unique show location. Don't miss it!!